Ezra Bejar Art


- Ph.D., University of the Pacific, School of Pharmacy, Stockton, CA

- Member, Arts for LA
- Member, Arts Council for Long Beach
- Member, San Diego Art Institute
- Member, OMA Artist Alliance

- Represented by Saatchi Art


Contact me at:ezra.bejar@gmail.com

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Artist Statement: My paintings are hints of nature, the city and my own mindscape. I define my art in relation to what I observe, think, and also by the methods I use to create it.

Exposed to the Old Masters as a child, through my father, I pursued a career in science, waiting 40 years to create art. Living in my father's gallery in Mexico City was an extraordinary experience. Free to explore forms of art, and exposed to trial and error experimentation with oil and acrylic paints and acids. I came to appreciate art and its aesthetics, absorbing external and internal images, in a free and natural way. My artistic seed went dormant for many years, until proper soil transformed those childhood lessons into paintings. A passion for art re-ignited in a period of deep introspection and healing. A free mind and beautiful scenery jump-started the dormant seed in my artistic brain. Paintings emerged exploring the narrative of my personal vision and, ephemeral scenes of my adopted California coast land. Places and symbols, textures and colors from nature, and from imagined submarine environments. Impacted by the beauty of nature, but also by technology, found new ways of learning and being exposed to art. I transformed the physical into digital, using urban and natural elements, in a more deliberate and systematic way. After an initial digital rush, I learned to analyze their impact and use my judgment in the use of digital approaches to keep the human in control. I use the technology to enhance the appreciation of the physical, with a dose of the deliberate and systematic placed into the random and spontaneous. In my artwork, physical ideas from instant perceptions are deconstructed into lines, edges and patterns, essential elements of vision, after reception and conception. I combine and balance subjectively the use of software with feelings impended with a brush and a spatula. I continue to learn from physical painters who explored modernity and abstract work. My teachers are: Cezanne, Tamayo, Orozco, Alighiero E Boetti, Hantai, Pollock, Picabia, Picasso, and Mondrian. I gain from their artistic ideas, but also from their feelings and unique qualities of thought; trying to keep my own independent thinking. In Art, man reveals himself and not his objects (or influences). Art is the response of man's creative soul to the call of the real. R. Tagore.